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3D-Press for Food

vegetable slicing machine

Dimensions :  24 x 49 x 54 inches

Weight :  320 lbs

Certification:  CE/ NSF

The 3d press is an ideal machine for pressing all kinds of food products such as meat, bacon, ham, shoulder and frozen products

Homogeny press

High-quality materials

Security and comfortable


1 Year Standard Warranty

Financing Available

Orders Over $500

3D-Press for food

The production necessities are different depending on each company, and this is the reason why at Mainali this has been always the starting point, offering particular solutions adapted to the necessities of each client


The Mainali L1-3D press has been designed to press either boneless cured or frozen food. The perfect system of massage and press allows achieving a homogeny shape of the product, which is perfect to raise the performance and productivity in the following processes.

It is necessary to highlight the use of high-quality materials that extend significantly the life of the machine. Between these, stands up the chassis manufactured in whole in stainless steel and also the high quality of the pistons with stainless steel stems.

As a technical feature, the machine has two top and two back pistons with blade distribu-tors like so side piston that works with variable pressure and other in the gate with speed regulation. This machine is really easy to use for the operator since he just has to press the button. Besides, the L1-3D press has an ergonomic design with the perfect charger high for the operator, which together with the security barriers integrated into the chassis ensures the maximum ease to work and security for the operator.

It is a versatile machine due to the easily exchange mould system according to the product to press. It is also possible to customize the press with a mould charger and demoulding.

Technical data

Electrical Power11 kW
Voltage220V III+T o 380-490 III+T
Dimensions1157mm L. x 2464mm W. x 1986mm H.
Weight2000 kg

Easy to use

The operator only has to press the buton.


Fixed or variable cut

It has a mould system easily exchangeable according to the product to press.



Simple or double cutting possibility.



The saw has a guidance system of the saw without the need of regulating.

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