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Mainali presents the Compact RBC, its new automatic bandsaw


Mainali presents the Compact RBC, its new automatic bandsaw

In line with its innovation philosophy, Mainali launches to the market its new automatic bandsaw Compact RBC with smaller and compact size. The Compact RBC cuts all kinds of frozen products, either meat, fish, or vegetables. This smaller and compact bandsaw stands out by its profitability allows fitting better in a demanding and rigorous market.

The machine has multiple input parameters, such as the thickness or the advanced and recoil movements of the loader, which can be modified to achieve a perfect adaptation to the product.

Once chosen these parameters, the operator only has to load the product and press the start button, easy and efficient. It has a pressure of compressed air of 6 bar, a bandsaw motor with a power of 5×5 kW, and the voltage power of 220, 400, and 480V in 50-60 Hz. The standard table dimensions are 770×410 mm. The machine weight is 1020kg. Thus, its compact design, easy installation, and start-up perform this machine a genuine plug and play.

Besides, the movement of the movable table and the forward movement of the clamps are both pneumatics, which with its robust design made this machine practically free of maintenance.

Furthermore, the machine shares maximum security and easy cleaning than the other automatic bandsaws.

Mainali has over 20 years of experience producing machinery for the food industry, specialized in manufacturing machinery to cut and press all kinds of products, being the constant innovation its strategic pillars. Thanks to the development of new efficient machinery are the reference in its sector and the leader brand in long-life technologies. His experience and results have allowed him to cross borders and have a presence around the world.

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