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Mainali, Long Life Technology

As a leader in both retail and industrial band-saw automation, we are proud to present our latest development designed to ensure complete worker safety without compromising on speed and efficiency.

Our experts are ready to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your operation to ensure our technology meets your specific requirements.


100% Safe Meat Cutting with Advanced Band-Saw Technology.

Grocery Retail Industrial Meat Slicing Machine for Fresh or Frozen

Eliminate Costly Insurance Claims

With our zero-risk factor technology, you can reduce the financial burden associated with workers’ compensation claims, which have surged in 2024..

Whether it's fresh, frozen, bone-in, or boneless meat, our tailored solutions will ensure that our equipment delivers perfection to your specific needs.

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The Leader in Food Processing Forming Machinery

Mainali Food Machinery, a Spain-based company, has established itself as a leader in automating food processing forming. With decades of experience in the food industry, Mainali has developed a range of cutting-edge machines tailored to meet the diverse needs of food businesses worldwide. The company's commitment to innovation and continuous improvement ensures that its machines remain at the forefront of food processing technology.

A prime example of Mainali's expertise is its high-quality hamburger patty forming machines. These advanced machines allow for the efficient production of uniform, perfectly-shaped burger patties, making them an invaluable asset for restaurants, catering services, and food production facilities. Mainali's patty makers not only excel in forming hamburger patties but also create perfectly shaped meatballs, streamlining the production process and ensuring consistency across batches.

meatball forming machine usa

Multiple Applications for Today's Evolving Consumption

Recognizing the growing demand for vegetarian options, Mainali has expanded its product line to cater to plant-based food processing. Their versatile machines are designed to handle a variety of vegetarian ingredients, enabling the creation of appetizing veggie patties, meat-free meatballs, and other plant-based delicacies. With a focus on quality and user-friendly design, Mainali's machines make it easy for food businesses to accommodate the dietary preferences of their customers.

Mainali Food Machinery's dedication to innovation, versatility, and precision has positioned them as a leader in automating food processing forming. Their advanced machines cater to a wide range of food applications, from hamburger patty and meatball forming to creating enticing vegetarian alternatives. As a reliable choice for businesses in the food industry, Mainali continues to set the standard for excellence in food processing technology.

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