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Automatic bandsaw RB-1

vegetable slicing machine

Dimensions :  24 x 49 x 54 inches

Weight :  320 lbs

Certification:  CE/ NSF

The automatic saw RB-1 has been designed to work automatically and with precision cutting accurately the predetermined measurements of any frozen or fresh product either meat, fish, or vegetables.

Multiple input parameters

Simple or double cutting system (to choose)

QPS (Quick Protection System)


1 Year Standard Warranty

Financing Available

Orders Over $500

Automatic bandsaws

The production necessities are different depending on each company, and this is the reason why at Mainali this has been always the starting point, offering particular solutions adapted to the necessities of each client


The machine has multiple input parameters, which are control electronically, such as cutting speed, height regulation, air pressure, and the advanced and recoil movement. Once the cutting parameters are selected, the operator only has to load the product and push the start button. Easy and efficient. The grippers are designed according to the product that will be cut, which allows reducing at maximum the loss. When the product has been cut, it is carried out of the machine employing a conveyor belt.

Furthermore, the machine incorporates our QPS system (Quick Protection System) to avoid any risk of the operator. The cleaning mode guarantees the accessibility and ease to clean all their components.

Request more information about our automatic bandsaw machine for meat, fish, vegetables and frozen foods. Get a quote!

Technical data

Electrical Power12 kW
Voltage220V III+T o 380-490 III+T
Air consumption4l./cycle
Table dimensions900mm. L. x 800mm W.
Total dimensions2700mm L. x 1900mm W. x 2029 mm H.
Weight1700 kg

Intuitive interface

Its intuitive interface eases the use of the machine.


Fixed or variable cut

Possibilty of working with simple or variable cutting.


Simple or double cut

Simple or double cutting possibility.


Guidance system of the saw

The saw has a guidance system of the saw without the need of regulating.

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