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Ham press

vegetable slicing machine

Dimensions :  24 x 49 x 54 inches

Weight :  320 lbs

Certification:  CE/ NSF

Universal press for pressing boneless hams of serrano, iberian, shoulder and rectangular type in food and meat industry

High productivity

High quality materials

Electric panel with built-in programmable controller


1 Year Standard Warranty

Financing Available

Orders Over $500

Ham press

The production necessities are different depending on each company, and this is the reason why at Mainali this has been always the starting point, offering particular solutions adapted to the necessities of each client


Universal Press for pressing boneless hams of Serrano, Iberian, shoulder and rectangular type. Perfect and uniform pressing, with constant height and width regardless of the weight of the ham.

Quick and safe mould change system with individual adjustment in each phase: piston, rear piston and ejector.

Technical data

Production with 1 headDe 150 a 250 piezas/hora
Production with 2 headsheadsDe 300 a 500 piezas/horaProduction
Production with 3 headsDe 450 a 750 piezas/hora
Production with 4 headsProduction with 4 headsDe 600 a 1000 piezas/hora
1 head power4 kW aprox.
2 heads power8 kW aprox.
3 heads power12 kW aprox.
4 heads power16 kW aprox.
1 head dimensions2000x900x600mm
2 heads dimensions2000x900x1100mm
3 heads dimensions2000x900x1600mm
4 heads dimensions2000x900x2100mm


The structure of the machine has been manufactured upon adjustable feet that allow adapting the height loader



It has a mould system easily exchangeable according to the product to press

High production

It allows the possibility to work with four heads at the same time.

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