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iRBC Compact Automatic Bandsaw

vegetable slicing machine
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Certification:  CE/ NSF

Compact automatic meat slicing / cutting bandsaw for fresh and frozen meat or vegetable products.

Safety Enhanced Features

Multiple Input Parameters

Accurate Cut

Easy Installation


1 Year Standard Warranty

Financing Available

Orders Over $500

iRBC Compact Automatic Bandsaw

The production necessities are different depending on each company, and this is the reason why at Mainali this has been always the starting point, offering particular solutions adapted to the necessities of each client. Below is just a sample of applications this machine is capable, for both frozen and fresh.

#Whole Chicken
#Lobster Tail
#Pork Chop
#Pig Feet
#Pork Shoulder
#Short Ribs
#Beef Shank

As a consequence of the overflowing demand on the food market, a growing number of companies are demanding accurate, versatile, and safe automatic bandsaws which have to be adapted to tight spaces.

To attend to these new needs, Mainali launch to the market the iRBC, which is equipped with a security system that works automatically when the gates that give access to the loader are open, avoiding that the operator can be hurt.

The movement of the movable table and the clamps are both driven by a servomotor, providing maximum accuracy from the first until the last cut.

The reading system of the piece through the photocell reduces the cycle time since the operator only has to place the product on the loader and push the start button.

The exit belt through the product is lead out of the bandsaw makes this a widely versatile machine, being able to cut any frozen or fresh product, either meat, fish, or vegetables. Depending on the productalong with its reduced size makes it a machine that can fit in any space.

Furthermore, this size, one or more pieces can be cut at the same time.

Its design compact and from easy installation and start-up performs this machine a genuine plug and play machine shares maximum security and is easily cleaner than the other automatic bandsaw from Mainali.

Technical Data

Electrical Power, single cut10 kW
Electrical Power, double cut12 kW
Voltage220V III+T or 380-490V III+T
Air consumption2 l. / cyle
Standard table dimensions750mm L. x 400mm W.
Total dimensions2096mm L. x 1105mm W. x 1986mm H.
Weight1080 kg

Intuitive interface

Its intuitive interface eases the use of the machine.



Small dimensions machine


Maximum cutting precision



Maximum security for operators

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